Sunday, November 15, 2009

Devo Designer Art-Rugs

Recently, the new wave band known as Devo kicked off a new U.S. tour along with a line of Devo rugs. Yes, rugs.

A blog on Wired explains a little bit about Devo today. Four of the five current members are part of the original line-up from 1973. Mark Mothersbaugh explains that the band plans to give fans an exciting experience by performing full albums during shows on the tour. The band is also planning on several plans for the near future. A new 2010 album will feature a "number of great minds" providing covers and "subtle remixes". Also, another tour next year will be feature a new off-beat multimedia show. And of course, there's the "art rugs".

Mothersbaugh has designed over 60 rugs that all seem to be consistent with the "de-evolution" idea that incited Devo's popularity back in the 1970's. Many of the rugs contain subtle references to songs and albums from the band. Some pretty crazy looking stuff indeed.

This is a great example of a band creating a brand of themselves. The full album shows, multimedia shows, and the strange rugs all fit the image that Devo has always been known for: off-the-beaten-path, anti-pop-culture style that sits in a realm all its own. For fans of Devo, all of this is a fantastic treat that brings back memories of Devo's heyday in the late 70's-early 80's. This ultra fan-based marketing is great for established bands that are potentially looking for a new surge of popularity.


-Bill Ross

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  1. Long live Devo. The only reason I like them is becauase Maynard James Keenan (TOOL's front man) named his son Devo. Not saying they suck, just sayin I don't know enough about them. This seems like I cool, and definitely original idea!

    -Woody Ellis