Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TuneCore Partners With eHealth

I dig TuneCore. The third party digital distributor is the reason that my music is on iTunes and countless other digital stores for the world to see...and buy.

But now, they've taken my love for them and multiplied it many times over. "What have they done?" you may ask. Well, folks, TuneCore has teamed up with eHealth, the #1 online service to compare and buy affordable health insurance, to offer a search engine for health insurance options, and a dedicated hotline just for musicians to find out information.

Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? In an industry where a great deal of professionals are not covered, it's important to educate them about options for health insurance.

In their press release, TuneCore stated, "Our goal at TuneCore is to provide musicians with the information and education they need to do everything it takes to be a musician including things like mic'ing a guitar, distributing their music, learning about copyrights, marketing and promoting themselves on-line and - now having the basic information they need to understand health insurance,"

Keep it up TuneCore!

Alex Katz

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