Monday, November 2, 2009

Help Make The Rocket Summer's New Video

I found a news link about the band The Rocket Summer. The link talks about how fans are encouraged to make there own personal videos to one of the Rocket Summer's new song. Certain videos are to be included into the main music video.

I think this is a great way to not only market the next single, but also the artist and the new album. It will give fans the opportunity to have a more unique experience. Fans that haven't totally connected with the band will now have a chance.

The Rocket Summer's fans get an opportunity of a lifetime, be in the next TRS video!

Pull out your flip cam and start filming! Play guitar, bass, drums, piano or just sing along to "You Gotta Believe", and submit footage to For further information and details log on watch this video where Bryce and video director Randy S will explain it all!

- Val South

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