Saturday, November 14, 2009

Myspace likely to start charging for music...

Recently it has been announced that myspace will in fact start charging for their free streaming music. The question is, however, will anyone actually pay for this? Myspace has been declining in popularity it seems more and more while sites like facebook seem to be trying to trying to integrate music into their services. According to sources, Techcrunch reports that myspace spends 20 million a month on artists royalties for the free streaming music. So it seems only a matter of time until they decide to start charging for their services. I, however, don't really see anyone paying for myspace for several reasons. One, people already wont pay for a lot of their music and myspace was one of the ways they didn't have to. Also, with it's steady decline in usage, I really don't see anyone signing up now. If anything they would of had to start charging a while ago to get any sort of feedback. Now, with all of the competition these days it seems as if myspace is on the verge of ending in my opinion.

Trevor Kay

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  1. I agree myspace is on a steady decline and no one wants to pay for music. T thought that has been proving but I guess not. I know I wouldn't pay for it, but thats just me.