Sunday, November 15, 2009

Downloading Vs. Music-Streaming

Despite the popularity of music-streaming a recent survey of 10,000 students showed that 75 percent of students prefer downloading music. These students would rather use sites like iTunes for example to download and keep music on hard drives or MP3 players. There is a growing demand for cheaper downloads. seems to be the front runner in meeting this demand. They have already lowered prices when they launched 3 months ago. The price was lowered and hopes of attracting younger customers. Those hopes were met TunesPro said “We have seen a huge surge of younger people using our site as more and more of torrents and P2P files contain viruses, so our pricing must be competitive enough for the younger students with perhaps less disposable income than professionals. We keep our prices low and concentrate of making money through volume sales. Currently we charge 19c per song and offer a further 10% when a whole album is purchased. We believe this will attract the younger users away from iTunes, which charge almost 6 times more than we do."

This sounds great for music lovers I. My question to you guys is do you think that sites like TunesPro will bring an end to iTunes or at least make them change how they operate as far as pricing goes. Also, I would like to know if you guys preferred either music-streaming or downloading.

Trevion Martin


  1. Personally I prefer downloading, just so I can have it whenever I need it. I do stream every now & then though, especially with the pandora app on my iPhone.

    Will it bring an end to iTunes? Probably not.

    -Marcus Hall

  2. I use streaming for sampling music, I frequent quite often. I very rarely use iTunes, as I prefer to own physical copies of albums. I prefer to have access to songs instantly, and on my own device as well, so I guess that I partially agree with the downloaders.

    - Derek Jenkins