Sunday, November 8, 2009

"Lost In A Sea Of 100,000 iPhone Apps"

As discussed in our previous classes, many musicians/bands are starting to take advantage of the popular use of an iPhone. There have been apps created that can connect their fans directly to their information and music which has been successful thus far. However, Apple announced very recently that they have created over 100,000 apps. Not all of those apps are connected to music, but with the overwhelming number of that the iPhone users have, the numbers for music apps that are downloaded are lower than you would think. Apple has created an outlet for music through their apps program, but what happens when the number becomes overwhelming large? Since there are so many to choose from it becomes hard for the cell phone user to sort through each one to decide what they want. I think it is more beneficial for the hard core fans who will go looking for their favorite bands app, and it will allow them to feel more connected. But in terms of it being a way to find out about new music or bands you haven't heard of, I don't think it will be very beneficial.

--Lyndsie Klott

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  1. This was something that I discussed with one of my current employers at a meeting actually. I am currently doing sound design and composing all of the music for a game that will be released on the iPhone, Mac, and PC. The amount of apps out there is getting pretty insane, thankfully Apple does at least try to keep things well organized, but with everything that is out there... marketing is a concern to small software developers.

    - Derek Jenkins