Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Weezer CD + An Official Snuggie Only $29.99!

Music has now taken over the SNUGGIES. Everyone knows what a snuggie is, especially from their tacky commercials. Snuggies have even come out with a size for dogs. But who would have thought that Snuggies would be used to promote and sell music? Well, they do now. Weezer is now giving their new CD away if you buy a special edition "WEEZER" Snuggie. I know that many bands have used this strategy in promoting and selling their music, however I'm not sure how effective it will be to use a product such as an oversized blanket to try and get people to listen to your music. I think that it would be more effective if the CD came with any snuggie that is purchased, rather than only giving it away to those who buy the Snuggies that say WEEZER on the chest. Watching the commercial for this product made the CD seem tacky as well as the WEEZER snuggie. I personally like snuggies, I think they're a good product that many people would enjoy. However, I think some products mesh well with music, and some don't.

-Lyndsie Klott

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  1. I wouldn't mind a snuggie, but I wouldn't go out of my way to get a special weezer one. Nor would I get one featuring any artist I liked really.