Sunday, November 15, 2009

More Beatles Merchandise

The Beatles seem to be the only band that can continue to sell records in a large quantity. 9/9/09 which was what can only be called "Beatles Day" marked the release of their entire remastered catalog as well as Rock Band Beatles edition. Both the game and the albums sold incredibly well. With that in mind EMI has opted to release more another piece of merchandise that is sure to send Beatle geeks scrambling for their wallets. Set for a December 8th release date, a Beatles apple logo with removable USB features the bands entire catalog as well as documentary's album art and some other goodies. The initial pre-order was set for thirty thousand units priced at $279 but it looks as if they have already increased the number of units. I'm not a huge Beatles fan and I find myself desperately wanting one of these. I can only imagine that the Beatle freaks will buy these up every time they are released. More info on the apples can be found here:
Steve Smith

1 comment:

  1. I just had to see what this thing looked like. That is a neat trinket for any Beatles fan, and since it is USB, I guess that you could transfer it to your favorite portable (or non-portable) mp3 device as well. I am sure that these will sell out, and the release date couldn't come at a better time with Christmas just around the corner.

    - Derek Jenkins