Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BEST BUY is moving forward...

With all the talk we have been having in class about how online is going to make a shift in businesses all over, I thought this post was only appropriate even though it is not music based but visual based. Early this morning Best Buy, the giant electronics retailer, announced a partnership with Sonic Solutions' service to deliver first-run DVDs streamed online directly to consumers.

Best Buy sells a lot of DVDs, so to have their consumers pay once for a DVD and then play it on any device is brilliant! The new service will be a Best Buy-branded offering, available starting early next year. “We’re going into this business in a big way. Our goal is to have broad availability in the marketplace, across multiple devices, said Chris Homeister, senior vice president for entertainment at Best Buy.

In the article, analysts say that Best Buy has the clout to press both movie studios and consumer electronics companies to adopt a one-time payment model and ensure that movies play on many devices. This has me thinking that many people will be dropping movie channels from TV and Satellite services. It sounds like it will be cheaper and easier to access all over.


~Rachel August Millas


  1. Nifty. I wonder if they will deliver the entire DVD, menus and all? Surely music will somehow be incorporated into this eventually. I am actually quite surprised that they did not start with music on their streaming services, maybe they felt that the DVD market was easier to get into.

    - Derek Jenkins

  2. this sounds cool.

    could possibly be a threat to comcast on demand. if youre able to view a movie multiple times forever digitally without paying again, why purchase a movie on demand to only have viewing abilities for 24 hrs.
    but it would be a good thing for consumers, maybe comcast will offer ALL movies at a one time cost