Monday, November 2, 2009

New Study On Illegal Downloads

A new study in Britain shows that people who download music illegally are the same people who actually still purchase music, buy band shirts, go to shows and really do anything music related. The people that have been under attack by the music industry are in actuality the ones helping to keep the industry afloat. It looks like the RIAA should find something else to focus their attention on.
Steve Smith


  1. Interesting read. I figure that this was at least somewhat obvious, I do not see why they had to do a "study" in order to figure this one out. Is what they should be focusing on is not who is downloading, but how they can get them to buy the music instead.

    - Derek Jenkins

  2. This makes complete sense as I am an advocate of downloading free music myself. If I like something, I usually buy it to support the act, and I definitely end up paying to see them live.

    -Woody Ellis