Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trick Out Facebook Band Pages for $1.99 a Month

Using the free and basic app called BandPage, Facebook previously only allowed for a band to have pretty limited options in setting up a profile page for themselves. Things have changed, however, with the creation of the upgrade to this app called BandPage Plus. With the new upgrade, fans are now actually able to listen to a band’s music via a Soundcloud player while looking at photos and viewing the rest of a profile that includes a tour schedule, photos, biography, contact information, Facebook wall, and Twitter Feed. Bands don't have to have any design experience because now for just $1.99 a month, they can create a custom BandPage with the help of a "click & customize" visual editor.

Here's a short video of how BandPage Plus works:

The first thing that sprang into my mind when I read this was.."oh there's another nail in MySpace's coffin." Now people won't even have to be directed to a band's MySpace page in order to hear their music! They can find out the basic information that they need to know right on the band's Facebook page AND listen to their music at the same time. I know that personally I've been invited to check out dozen of bands' fan pages on Facebook, and while I may look at it for a minute, most of the time my short attention span leads me to click out of the page rather quickly. I'm usually too lazy to try to find a link to the band's music, and I'm sure there a lot of people out there that are the same way. The Soundcloud player changes everything because now I can immediately check out the music as soon as I click onto the fan page, which would definitely help to spark my interest in a band.
For newer and lesser known bands, BandPage Plus seems kind of revolutionary.


- Samantha Bruno

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