Friday, April 9, 2010

Never Shout Never Promotes through television

The band, Never Shout Never, who is also the headlining band on the AP tour is going to make their television debut on Last Call With Carson Daily and will play their two singles off of their album. This is an example of what we read about on how to promote the product to the public through television. Although we've had discussions in class about bands playing as the musical guests on shows like this one or saturday night live not being as successful in promotion as it has in the past, I still think that having the opportunity to be a musical guest on a television show is still a great way to promote an artist. I know that personally I have watched some of the late night shows who have had musical guests I've never heard of; like when I first heard The Airborne Toxic Event, I immediately went on itunes and downloaded their album. On the contrary, there have been bands that i really didn't like or pay attention to, I think it's a hit or miss risk to take. Either way I think that music guests are going to pull at least a few hundred more fans by playing on television shows that apply to their target markets.
-Abby Goldstein

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