Sunday, April 25, 2010

Launch of NimbitPro

Nimbit, a direct-to-fan services provider, recently launched nimbitPro which is an improved suite of tools and services designed “to allow artists and their teams to manage their direct to fan marketing and sales efforts via a unified dashboard.” NimbitPro allows artists, managers, and small labels to capture and communicate with fans, execute marketing campaigns, generate direct sales across multiple storefronts and distribution channels, and to measure their efforts. According to Nimbit co-founder, Patrick Faucher, “we’ve now delivered an end-to-end platform designed for long term, profitable fan relationships and music careers.”

With nimbitPro, artists can distribute their music to iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody, and Napster in addition to selling their digital music on Facebook, MySpace, and on their own website. The dashboard also offers real-time sales analytics and reports in addition to a multitude of other fan management tools. At only $25 a month, nimbitPro seems like a reasonable investment for any artist hoping to expand and engage their fan base.


-Emilia Segatti

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