Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fans Choose Songs For New Devo Album

Trying to think of a creative way to catch the public's attention with your new album? Be prepared to be jealous of Devo's idea. The band wants their fans to decide which songs are going to make it on their album. Devo has 16 new songs, but only 12 will make it to the album. Not only is this a good way to grab the public's attention, but it will also make an album that the fans like the best. There may have been a few songs that were not so great, but this gives fans the chance to decide "ehh...I am not digging this song. It definitely doesn't belong on the album." I personally would be super excited if one of my favorite bands did this. Fan interaction is an amazing way to build hype around a product. Something that this reminds me of is how currently, Muse has a thing going on where the fans can pick the set list for some of their upcoming shows. I cannot stress enough how awesome I think this is. So many more people are going to want to buy Devo's new album now because they feel like they had a hand in creating it.

-Ashley Stokvis

source: http://www.npr.org/blogs/allsongs/2010/04/devos_new_album_you_pick_the_s.html

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