Thursday, April 15, 2010

MySpace Launches Events and Ticketing Platform

So in an effort to stop the flow of traffic to Facebook and Twitter, MySpace has been coming out with a number of new additions as of late. And the latest addition may give artists and music marketers a reason to keep their MySpace profiles more up to date.

MySpace recently launched MySpace Events, a calendar and ticketing platform that allows artists and fans to create and share events. Each event appears inside the user's MySpace calendar, including any from Facebook. The events can be shared on a users' MySpace Stream, Facebook pages, Twitter, and via tiny url. Advertisers who want to promote an event can now also purchase a new special ad format that displays sponsored events directly inside the social calendar.

Marcus Womack, Director of Events and Ticketing for MySpace explains, “Ultimately our goal is to create a destination that allows users to manage their entire social calendar online through MySpace. Also, we’re providing artists with advanced tools to help connect with fans and promote their shows while conversely enabling fans to quickly and easily discover, share and purchase tickets to those shows.”

I logged in to MySpace to check out this new MySpace Events feature, and it was actually kind of cool. Right away it showed me recommended shows in my area with a link right next to each event where I could find tickets. Then there's a "browse" button where you can explore events on a categorical basis- concerts, festivals, art, sports, nightlife, etc. There's also a list on the side of the top ten most popular events in your area. Like most people, I'm tired of MySpace, but I have to admit I liked this Events page. I'm really lazy when it comes to looking up shows and events, but this is a spot where I can browse through every event all from one place. I know I'm not going to go so far as to create my own event using this feature (since I rarely login to this site anymore), but still I'd say the events page is worth checking out whenever I do occasionally stop at MySpace.

- Samantha Bruno


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