Monday, April 5, 2010

Searches of "record store" may mean big success on record store day

Google Analytics has released some statistics showing which search terms related to music are on the decline or increasing. It's pretty interesting.

Record store day is approaching on April 17th, and searches of the words "record store" have increased to show that this year's Record Store Day just might be huge. In the article, there is a chart that shows that searches of the phrase "record store" have been decreasing since 2004. However, in 2008, there is a little spike, which just might be where Record Store Day came around, and in 2009, the spike shoots up double what it was before. This shows that since Record Store Day began in 2008, the popularity of it is growing, and looking at the spike in 2009, I can only imagine how much bigger this year's might be.

Another interesting statistic was searches for the words "live music" and "concert." Although they pretty much mean the same thing, "live music" has shown a decline over the past five years, while "concert" has remained very consistent. This might just mean that more people think to write concert in their search, or maybe it means that people are looking for more specific concerts as opposed to, say, bars around the neighborhood that play live music.

Overall, it seems like record store day may be an even bigger hit this year if these search stats don't lie.

-- Ashley Snider


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