Monday, April 19, 2010

Apple May Also Be Creating a Concert Ticketing System

So, MySpace has just launched their concert ticketing system, and it seems like Apple might be jumping on the bandwagon too.

Although this ticketing application may not actually be realized, the system would be used on iPhones and Apple computer users. The system will allow users to get to concert tickets from their iTunes, buy them, and then the ticket would be sent to the user's iPhone or computer to be used to get into the concert. There would also be other bonus features, such as the chance to buy live recordings of the event, or get discounts on food or merch. There will be more exclusive content as well.

This system, if it actually happens, would make use of smart phones and the mobile market, and I can see this application being very popular with iPhone users, simply because you can buy tickets and have them stored on your phone instead of making sure you have them stored somewhere you remember and that you don't forget them when you head out to the show.

If this application actually happens, I think it would be successful because of its convenience and the exclusives that it will offer.

- Ashley Snider


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