Thursday, April 22, 2010

Facebook meets Pandora....?

I mean, we all knew that Facebook was going to get a better music player sometime because frankly, Facebook's music pages SUCK, but did anyone think it was going to be PANDORA? I remember when Facebook first started having artist pages, remember iLike? If you've never experiences iLike, let me just tell you, it rarely worked, sometimes only had 30 seconds of a song and was rarely updated. With Facebook on the rise and myspace declining, it was only a matter of time before music companies jumped on the Facebook bandwagon.

I've had a Facebook since 2005 and before that I was an avid myspace user. Anytime I wanted information on any band I listened to, I'd go straight for myspace, but now, in 2010, I just search on Facebook or Google and it pops right up.

Basically, the Pandora link to Facebook is just like the Twitter link to Facebook. The purpose? to make it simple for your "friends" to see what Pandora stations you're listening to and what bands you like the most. It makes your Pandora profile link with your Facebook profile- your friends list moves over, along with your profile picture- thus "linking" the two sites.

Personally, I think it's pretty cool, but at the same time, it's odd to think of Pandora as a social networking site.

Hopefully, you're not listening to anything too embarrassing...because from here on out, everyone's going to know.

-Samantha Corrie Schulman


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