Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trade Your Fans

Headliner.fm is a social networking promotion site which allows bands to share their fans. If your band has a show coming up or is releasing an album, you can send a request to another band through Headliner.fm and ask them for a promotion. If they accept your request, your advertisement will be published on their social networking sight and sent to all their fans. Since the promotion is coming from a band they are a fan of, they will be more likely to take the promotion into consideration than had you blindly sent it to them.

This is a great way to promote because bands can help each other out. If you know of a band that sounds like yours, you can easily reach out to their fans and expand your fan base. From a fan's perspective, anything that is promoted through Headliner.fm is okayed by the band promoting it, so you can trust it. If a request is sent and the band doesn't think they relate to it, it can be denied and their fans won't get bothered by it.

Source: hypebot.com, headliner.fm/

by Rebecca Weyhrauch

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