Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weezer has launched a contest that is allowing their fans to take the new single off of their recently released album, and remix any way that the fan chooses. A public vote will then be taken on which top 10 remixes are the best, and the winners will receive a signed copy of "raditude", but the grandprize winner will get the opportunity to have a one on one collaboration with creating a new song with lead Rivers Cuomo

Weezer put out an invitation to their fans to:
"Step up to the challenge and show them that your mix is the answer. Use the stems to create a remix or cover the song in your own style to show the band what you've got. Weezer will be hand-picking the top submissions to be released as an official compilation and the winners will be paid appropriate royalties based on their version being on the release."

This is great because it gives the fans the opportunity to win something great and be creative with the music they love while also promoting Weezers newly released album and single. It's so cool that the band wants to see what kind of re-mixes their fans can come up with using their single as a base. It'll be interesting to follow this and see what the grand winner's song sounds like, who knows, that grand winner can become the next master producer.

-Abby Goldstein

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