Thursday, February 4, 2010

eMusic joins with Facebook Connect

This article first poses the question, "Do fans want to connect around music on generalized social networking sites or would they rather get more social via their favorite music sites?". While there's not really one answer to that, eMusic is taking the first step to bridge the gap between these two worlds.

Now when eMusic subscribers login using Facebook Connect, they will be able to publish their eMusic activities right onto Facebook. The activities that subscribers can publish onto their Facebook profile include album ratings, reviews, album and artist links, all of which will also appear on their friends’ News Feeds. This is all very simple to do; all it involves is clicking a button from various artist and album pages on eMusic.

Deirdre Stone, eMusic SVP of Product Development says, "Back in the day of the corner music store, word-of-mouth was one of the best ways to find out about new music. Facebook is the modern day equivalent and we want to empower the eMusic community to engage in this way."

Not only do I think this is a fun idea, but I also think it could really benefit in promoting artists. Music selection through word of mouth is a huge part of the way people discover new music so I believe doing this through social networking technology sounds like a really smart idea. I know there is a lot of music that I listen to that many of my Facebook friends have never heard of before and vice versa. By publishing information about these artists right onto our friends' News Feeds, it could turn them into fans and then turn THEIR friends into fans, etc. I know I'd be interested in checking out an artist that a Facebook friend posted about, and I'm sure my friends would be interested in checking out what I like as well. Facebook is such an enormous social networking site so this could be really beneficial in getting the word about artists that people may have never heard of before.

-- Samantha Bruno


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