Saturday, February 6, 2010

Interactivity + Grammy’s = Success

This past Sunday’s Grammy awards were a huge success as the final ratings indicate over 56 million viewers watched the program this year. This is the highest number of viewers since 2004’s show. So what was the cause of this new found interest for the Grammy’s? Was it the stars, the nominees, or the fact that Stephen Colbert whipped out an iPad from his tuxedo?

I’m not sure, but according to Wired Magazine it was the viewer interactivity that played a major role in the Grammy’s success. Viewers were able to interact with the show in a variety of ways: from choosing which song Bon Jovi would play for their set, posting tweets (in real-time) on a website called “We Are All Fans” that allowed viewers to communicate with one another about the nominees, and a interactive radio station CBS put together that kept viewers in loop about all the happenings that were going on; on and off the camera.

I think the event staff made the right choice by getting the viewers involved with the show. If web 2.0 has taught us anything it’s that people want to not only experience the arts, but interact with them as well. This is also important from a marketing standout because it shows how impactful fan engagement can be in the overall commercial success of an event. This is something I think more award shows should do because social media continues to be the main driver of all fan engagement whether it’s online or not.

Submitted by: Jarvis R. Smith


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