Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ad Supported Guvera To Launch In U.S. March 30th

Australian designed Guvera, an ad supported music service, will officially launch in the U.S. on March 30th. Content has been approved by Universal, EMI, IODA, BMI, SESAC, and INgrooves.

The content of Guvera is paid for by advertisers looking to target customers via branded channels. Once you view the ad, DRM free mp3's are offered. Although Guvera is starting as music based, the company plans on expanding in the future to include other forms of digital media. "We also see a huge future in delivering film and television content, especially after the success of the Australian beta," according to Dan Thompson, Head of Content of Guvera Limited.

Free music, television, and film content is a lot to offer from an ad based website. If Guvera is successful, I could see a continuing trend of similar ad based free digital media sites. Critics argue that the company may not be able to stay afloat with a specific ad based revenue, but only time will tell.

-Scott Schaffer


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