Sunday, February 7, 2010

Biggest accomplishment of iPad- less annoying hipsters telling me how awesome Apple is.

After reading this article in Wired, I'm thinking the iPad is more likely to revolutionize a cat's favorite place to sleep rather then the music industry?.

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Last week, the iPad was going to make paper obsolete, change the music industry forever, and answer the ancient question of "Why were we put on this planet?" - to buy an iPad of course.

This week, it looks more like the iPad will not be taking the music business a step further into the digital age- more like a little nudge in the digital direction.

So what does the iPad do? It's like my iPhone except it doesn't call people or fit in my pocket. Wait, does it take pictures or video? So, it's like my iPhone except virtually useless and $500 right?

That's probably an exaggeration, but the market seems to be less excited about the iPad since it's press release. This marks the first time that Apple has been the new cool thing to make fun of (take that anti-PC commercials).

I'm betting the iPad will still be a huge seller. Mostly because the novelty of looking like it is from the future. As pointed out, it beats the hell out of whatever book is currently collecting dust on your coffee table. Plus Stephen Colbert has one (see the Grammy Awards), so that means we probably all need one too.

- Ian Gollahon

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