Friday, February 5, 2010


Are you ready to catch the fever?
Be one of the first customers to purchase the exclusive $122 BEYONCÉ Heat fragrance set at the NYC Macy's Herald Square Women's fragrance counter, and you will receive a VIP party pass to meet and have your picture taken with BEYONCÉ!!!
See you there!

Beyonce's partnering with Macy's has been a huge success in the past. This marketing idea is fantastic. It benefits both the artist and Macy's. Consumers/fans are attracted to this event, first of all, just to get the chance to see her at the store. Second, they are encouraged to purchase the entire fragrance set for $122 and in turn receive a VIP party pass that includes a meet, greet, and a picture taken with her. Either way the fan is satisfied. Whether they purchase the set or just the perfume itself, they get the chance to see her in-person. Also, the number of folks allowed to have the opportunity is not mentioned therefore drawing a numerous amount of  fans out to take their chance. Macy's benefits off of this because consumers/fans will definitely spend money to get the entire set as opposed to the individual bottle knowing that they get the VIP party pass.  I belief it is also assumed that the others that miss out on this opportunity will buy the individual bottle just to get the chance to see her in-person at the store. Fans like when an artist gives back; Beyonce definitely will benefit from this one!!!!

~Angelique Moore ~

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