Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tapulous announces new music-based iPhone game, Riddim Ribbon

From Tapulous, creaters of the iPhone game sensation Tap Tap Revenge, announced their newest release today. Their new release, Riddim Ribbon, is a fusion between racing, popular songs, and to some extent, remixing music.

The game allows you to choose a song before you are thrown into a hyper-colorful racetrack, where you pilot a futuristic spherical vehicle. The track is filled with small orbs (which are good) and obsticles (which are not), and there's a path showing you where to drive. Tilting your iPhone side to side will control the vehicle's steering while modifying the music in the course. Riddim Ribbon is expected to be at the top of the iPhone application sales charts upon release, much like previous releases from Tapulous.

As more and more video games based around music are produced, music marketers are offered a unique opportunity to have their music licensed for these games. Riddim Ribbon, for example, features the Black Eyed Peas. I have a feeling that the trend of music based video games will continue, helping more and more musicians launch their careers through licensing abilities.

-Scott Schaffer


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