Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vedera Wristbands = FREE MUSIC

This past weekend at the Jack's Mannequin headlining show, the wristbands that were given to people 21 and up had a great promotional idea printed on them that helped opening band Vedera gain a larger fan base and also help them get their music out. The wristbands came with a special code to text to a certain number that if sent, would give you a free Vedera song to be sent to your email! As we learned in the audio book, people love free, and much like what Cypress Hill did with collecting fan's emails in exchange of a song, the emails can then be saved and used to send out more information about Vedera such as upcoming tour dates, and other news thats happening with the band. This is a great idea, especially at a show where the band being promoted is opening. It gives people the opportunity to see them play live and get excited about them, and then get more fans listening to their music by obtaining a free song which will then remind them about how much fun they had at the show they just went to!
-Abby Goldstein

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