Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Reverb Store

Selling Merchandise on Facebook in Two Minutes or Less from ReverbNationBlog on Vimeo.

This week two companies, ReverbNation and Audiolife, joined forces and launched a new venture called the Reverb Store. Both e-companies already run operations geared towards helping musicians market themselves, without any record label behind them. With the Reverb Store, bands can now create and sell merchandise through their Facebook pages all via a surprisingly simple interface. Artists can set their own price and all profit goes straight to them. The video above is not really worth watching, unless you're ready to start using the Reverb Store, as it's basically just a step-by-step tutorial. It did, however, make me feel like I could design a bitchin' t-shirt for my band and start selling it immediately and I'm no graphic designer. I'm also not in a band. It's just that cool. With companies like ReverbNation and Audiolife creating marketing platforms this easy, it's a wonder every band isn't skipping the middle mand and going the DIY route.

--Katherine Wood

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