Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dropcards: Upgraded Download Cards

Dropcards are music download cards that come complete with custom artwork, a website address and a unique access code to unlock digital downloads. According to their website, these cards “help successfully bridge the gap between the physical and online world of music downloads.” In January, Dropcards unveiled their new download card platform and last week, they held a webinar to give people a tour of the new features they added. With these new additions of detailed redemption reporting and interactive graphs, artists will be able to keep all of their offline marketing efforts focused and data-driven. There is also a redemption map powered by Google where each user who redeems their media is pinpointed according to their actual location. In addition to being a really cool looking map, this can help artists plan potential tour routes and they can see where their fans are clustered.

We’ve been talking in class about how the CD is so ubiquitous and I think Dropcards are a great alternative. They’re versatile – you can sell them at shows or hand them out for free, include them with other merch, and you can change the content at any time. Dropcards also offers the option of e-mail collection where users would be prompted to enter their e-mail address after submitting their access code. This gives the artist more contacts and hopefully widens their fan base as well.

I think we’ll start seeing more Dropcards being handed out at shows because of all the extra benefits they offer to the artist. It’s a much better strategy than blindly giving people a CD sampler and hoping they actually listen to it and decide to come to your next show.


~Emilia Segatti

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