Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Ads Feature Various Musicians

Last night, millions of Americans gathered around their televisions to watch the most popular program in television history, the Super Bowl. While most people enjoy watching their favorite team battle it out on the field, there are those people who tune into the event for another reason--to watch the commercials. With so many people tuning into the Super Bowl, it's no wonder why airing a 30 second commercial during the big event can cost around $3 million.

As I was watching the broadcast last night, I noticed the strong presence of famous musicians in the highly anticipated commercials. For example, T-Pain was seen in a Bud Light commercial, Kiss in a Dr. Pepper commercial, Stevie Wonder for VW, Cheap Trick for Audi, Beyonce for Vizio, and countless others. These celebrity endorsements not only benefit the company they're endorsing, but they benefit the celebrity as well. When these musicians appear in commercials, their music is usually playing along in the background. Any regular commercial could benefit a musician greatly, but the commercials aired during the Super Bowl were seen by an astronomical amount of people. According to The Nielsen Co., an estimated 106.5 million people tuned into the game. That puts this year's Super Bowl as the most viewed show in television history.

Celebrity endorsements are a great way for both the company and the celebrity to promote their product and make the public aware of their presence. While commercials featuring musicians and their music aired during the Super Bowl, countless amounts of people were noticing the music and thinking "hmm...this song is pretty cool. I'm going to check it out on iTunes." What an effective marketing tool!

-Ashley Stokvis


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