Friday, February 5, 2010

Facebook Adds Ability to Gift Song Streams, Downloads via Lala

Facebook has added the ability to purchase songs as gifts for friends via retailer new Music and MP3s section of the Facebook Gift Shop now includes over 8 million songs, which can be gifted as a one-time listen for free; purchased as Web-only songs for one credit (10 cents); or given as DRM-free downloads for nine credits (89 cents). A Facebook user who receives a song will see it show up in his or her news feed, where it will be visible to friends -- who may also play the song once for free. This is a great way to get songs circulated to increase the fan base. Facebook is an extremely well known social network that allows an artist, especially, to have a very wide fan base. The offering of web songs for little of nothing to members who have friends that can see them on their page, click on the link, and also get one free listen is a great way to market an artist; if impressed, they will definitely spread the word as well as purchase the music. Even better, you can get the DRM free download for 89 cents and add it to your computer's music library to have forever. To the music industry's benefit, illegal downloading is prevented from the use of this  DRM software because it limits the use of the digital media (song). It prevents users from copying and using the downloaded music in certain ways in attempt to prevent piracy. Great idea, hope it works!

~Angelique Moore~

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