Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lou Reed's New iPhone App

In a featured commercial on YouTube, Lou Reed's new iPhone App promises to make whatever you need to do "as fast and easy as possible." I don't know about making everything you need to do as fast and easy as possible, but this iPhone app will at least make it easier to read the names in your contact list..for the price of $1.99.
Rocker Lou Reed's iPhone app entitled "Lou Zoom" essentially just supersizes the names in your contact list. The commercial embedded in this article starts off by showing Lou complaining that he always has problems with his iPhone. It quickly shifts gears when Lou chucks his iPhone on the ground and claims that now with his Lou Zoom, "life is perfect." Each name in your contact list will expand to the full width of the screen making the names really easy to select.
I suppose this is being marketed to older fans of Lou who don't have great eyesight.

To me, this app is equal parts dumb and equal parts smart. $1.99 seems a little steep for something that merely expands the names in your contacts list, but perhaps there is a market for it. It's obviously not going to sell to kids and young adults because seriously, I know I would never drop 2 dollars on a "zooming" app.
However, I'm sure there are older, diehard Lou fans out there who are more willing to spend the 2 bucks on this kind of pointless app than I am. So all in all, maybe it will help Lou make more money or maybe it won't, but I guess there's no harm in having it out there.

You can check out the sort of-weird commercial for Lou Zoom here:


- Samantha Bruno

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