Monday, March 8, 2010

MGMT Promotes New Album In An Intersting Way

Musical duo MGMT has just released their second full length album Congratulations, and they've thought of an interesting way to sell more physical copies. They are releasing a "Limited Edition Scratch-Off" cover of their album. Wait...what? Yes, you heard it right...these limited edition copies include a "scratch off" album cover and it also includes a "custom metal coin" to satisfy your scratching needs.
I have mixed feelings about this. I think it is a good way to package their album because it's unique. Huge fans will feel like they have a special piece of MGMT history when they get this. Also, they've used the ever-popular buzz phrase "Limited Edition." People like knowing they they have a product that won't be made forever...something that not everyone will have. On the other hand, however, I think it's sort of bizarre. I personally wouldn't run out and buy a CD just because the album cover was a scratch off, but to each their own. I give them a lot of credit for coming up with an original idea. It's a way for them to promote Congratulations successfully, because this idea is certainly making people notice the album.
Oh yeah! They also made this tacky video to make sure everyone hears about it:

-Ashley Stokvis

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