Wednesday, March 3, 2010

OK GO Goes Viral Again

Everyone remembers OK GO's famous treadmill video for their song, "Here It Goes Again". They were one of the first bands to experience major success due to their self-made viral video that was put on YouTube. A new OK GO clip was released in January, but bloggers were not pleased to see that the viral embedding was turned off this time, the blame for this being placed upon EMI.
With an open letter to fans, OK GO let their fans know that they were not happy about the disabled embedding. Luckily for them, State Farm Insurance came to the rescue. State Farm offered them a sponsorship deal so that they could come out with a new embeddable video for the same song. In exchange, State Farm's logo would get exposure within the video.
Just 72 hours after it was posted, the new viral video had over 800,000 plays on YouTube alone!

OK GO wouldn't be where they are today if it weren't for their first viral video. It's smart to continue on with what worked for them the first time by doing the same thing with another new, innovative video. What surprises me is that EMI would try to disable the embedding of the video this time around. Obviously, the embedding was a great thing for OK GO the first time: it gave them a huge amount of exposure and notoriety that they probably wouldn't have gotten otherwise. Didn't it even land them that performance on the MTV VMA's that one year?
I just don't get when labels are going to realize that "free" exposure over the Internet is helpful in the grand scheme of things.

P.S.- Check out OK GO's new video above. I like it, but I think I still prefer the treadmills.

- Samantha Bruno


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