Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gaelic Storm's "Modem Marketing"

Gaelic Storm may not be a household name, but they've managed to make the shift from playing pubs to selling out theaters without a label and almost no radio play. So the question is, how were they able to achieve so much success?

With the help of their management team, the band have consistently used "modem marketing" to stay connected with the many fans they've made through their fun live shows. It's really basic: within a single email, the band includes a free mp3 teasing their new album, tour dates, a contest for a trip sponsored by Southwest Airlines, an invite to an after-party where fans are asked to wear Gaelic Storm t-shirts for a group photo, a few trips that fans can go on and a link to buy merchandise. So essentially the fan is being gifted with a free mp3 at the top of the e-mail and then provided with a number of ways to stay engaged with the band through the e-mail and their active web site.
The concept is simple, but all of this done with repetition is a recipe for great success.

This is really what it's all about. It's so smart to offer something for free (the mp3 in this case) while simultaneously providing links to the fan to pay for merchandise and special trips. The fact that the band is so active with their fans offering them trips, after-party invites and a free song is what's going to make the fan more loyal. If the fan knows this is going to keep happening, they're going to stick with this band to see what other benefits they'll get from following them. And they're eventually going to be willing to spend money to get the extra stuff (the full album, merch, concert tickets).
Other unsigned, touring artists should take a page from Gaelic's book and follow their method.

- Samantha Bruno


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