Sunday, March 28, 2010

Immitter: Pandora Wannabe

Immitter debuted alongside 65 other starups at this year’s VentureBeat Spring DEMO event touting their “Pandora-style discovery of great new indie and d.i.y. music.” The founders of Immitter think that people enjoy discovering new music, but most don’t have the time to wade through millions of MySpace profiles and mp3 blogs.

Basically, Immitter works by having artists upload their original content that will be played according to specific parameters, much like Pandora. The founders think that artists will be willing to pay for this service because it connects them with a target audience. The big question is whether artists will be willing to pay to have their music on Immitter and that will largely depend on how many active listeners the site can deliver.

I highly doubt that there will be many artists who are willing to pay to be played on Immitter. To get played on Pandora, the only thing the artist has to do is have their music for sale on Amazon. I don’t think that Immitter has differentiated itself enough from Pandora or Jango to make it seem like a worthwhile investment for indie artists.


~Emilia Segatti

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