Monday, March 29, 2010

Prince Charges Fans

Apparently, Prince has charged his fans for membership to his fan club after the have cancelled their subscription. This all came a year after the fan club opened, and the members had sent in requests that their accounts be cancelled. These fans have been charged $77, not a small price.

The article I saw was a blog post from a fan. The fan said that when he sent in his request to cancel his account, he never received at reply. Upon being charged, he visited the fan club's Web site, only to find that the site was down.

The fan who wrote this post was blaming Prince wholly for this situation. In reality, it was the sales team behind the fan club's fault. This brought up the idea that the people surrounding an artist directly reflect the image of the artist. Prince, although he may not have been aware of this problem, is ultimately being blamed for it by the angry fans such as this blog poster.

Prince has yet to comment, and it will be interesting to see if he does. Having a massive fan base, I wonder if he sees this potential loss of some fans as an issue.

--Ashley Snider


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