Monday, March 15, 2010

Wireless Music System

A company called Sonos has developed a wireless music system. This system requires little installation, and can allow users to play music throughout their home. There are houses that have the technology to play iPods throughout the house already, but what makes the product Sonos has developed interesting is that it allows you to not only play music from your collection through it, but it also lets you play music from the internet through the house.

How can it do that? Well, the way this product is operated is through an iPhone app. Yes, the entire system is all controlled by the means of an app. That’s pretty cool, especially considering the picture I get in my head of streaming Pandora on your iPhone and being able to hear it coming through speakers throughout your house. While I currently live in an apartment where I can hear my Pandora music throughout it from my laptop since it’s small, I can see the appeal it might hold for someone with maybe an upstairs and a basement. However, they also sell a single system that is good for one room if you want a better sound on your Internet streamed music.

It would appear this product is being marketed to people with a little bit more money than me, though, since that one room bundle is going to be sold for $399.00 and asking for two rooms bumps it all the way up to $999.00. But other than that, I think it is a pretty cool system simply for the fact that it is controlled by an app. Maybe with a little competition, this Sonos product will come down in price in the future.

-- Ashley Snider


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