Saturday, March 20, 2010

YouTube Wants Your Music!

YouTube has now decided to set its aim on the independent musicians by offering them a piece of the ad revenue with a new program called “Musicians Wanted". The goal is to lure musicians into using YouTube’s new program and compete with music rival MySpace Music. Yes, even though the site is not as popular as it uses to be, its music service continues to reach new heights with a monthly total of 30 million unique page visitors. YouTube is trying to get that same momentum going for their site with “Musicians Wanted”, and become an entertainment network on the same level as MySpace Music.

I think “Musicians Wanted” is great because YouTube is acknowledging the people who helped make their platform popular (artists), and rewarding them for their original content. Also, this is a good way for YouTube to continue to grow because it’s providing musicians with more opportunities to gain exposure for their work, which in result will lure more musicians into using YouTube than ever before. Overall, I see this new program being a major move for independent artists because they have another outlet to distribute their music through without being supported by a label (major or indie).

Submitted by: Jarvis R. Smith


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