Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I found an article discussing a new site called VEVO. Vevo is said to be like music's version of Hulu. You can go to vevo and find clips of videos by some of today's hottest artists.
"The sound quality is superior, the videos, even though they're not currently available in HD, look great, and Vevo comes with some music-specific features. The ability to make a play list and save one's favorite videos for repeated viewing is handy, especially if one wants to use the computer as a sort of virtual jukebox and key up a number of clips. Links to Amazon and iTunes are convenient, and the promise of embedded lyrics is a great one."

Vevo sounds to be an interesting addition to the music world, allowing fans to finally be able to go to one spot to find all their music video needs. I think it will once again allow artists to use videos to promote themselves better, since MTV barely plays videos now a days. It will be interesting to see if it stays free, or if a fee will be added later on.

- Valerie South

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