Sunday, December 6, 2009

Apple Purchasing Lala

So apparently Apple has purchased Lala. The deal is either done or "pretty much done", according to Hypebotm, The New York Times, and All Things Digital. Apple's main interest seems to be in Lala's "cloud" technology, which essentially refers to the use of the internet as a mass storage unit, as opposed to personal computers. An article on Wired speculates that this could lead to a cheaper experience with iTunes, consisting of both streaming and downloading capabilities.

The whole cloud idea is gaining more steam; we are frequently seeing products and services based on the internet as storage space. iTunes working with Lala suggests that users' libraries will be available through the service itself (Lala users who use iTunes already have this capability). With the heavy focus Apple has been placing on the iPhone and iTouch, this move makes sense. People will soon have access to their entire music library without having to actually have it stored on their units. This could possibly lead to a huge increase in digital forms of music, due to the constant increase in distance between a physical product and listeners' main source of music. We are seeing less and less steps and components necessary for people to have their music available. I'm sure there will be more to come!

Wired article
Hypebot article

-Bill Ross

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