Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SellaBand Just Ain't Working For Public Enemy

SellaBand, a music website that allows artists to raise the money from their fans, was on the tip of everyone's tongue this October when Hip Hop greats Public Enemy announced that they'd be funding their upcoming album through the website. The group's goal of $250,000, which would go to recording, marketing, and promotion, would be achieved by offering incentives to those who gave to the cause.

...And then they fell flat.

To date, Public Enemy have raised just over $70,000, just 28% of its goal, and the new year is fast approaching.

What does this mean for Public Enemy and SellaBand? This certainly confirms that Public Enemy are no longer a relevant group. As time has passed since their heyday in the late '80s to early '90s, the group has faded as hypeman Flava Flav has experienced success as a reality TV star.

As far as SellaBand goes, this doesn't look great for them. However, I don't believe that Public Enemy's fanbase is that of the website's demographic. I see SellaBand as catering to much more "contemporary" acts.

Alex Katz

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