Monday, December 7, 2009

Another Band Trying The "Pay What You Want" Option

The band Punchline recently released a b-sides album digitally through their website and chose to give the "pay what you want" idea a try, but with a little tweak. You can get the entire 20 song album for a donation of $6. Any donation less than that will get you the first six songs off of the album. You can also opt to get the first six songs off of the album for free. They have essentially eliminated any donation under $6 as you would have to be crazy to donate 3 dollars for only 6 songs. I think this might be a mistake on their part. Why not make the whole album 5 dollars. Better yet make it 4, the less the better. Your hardcore fans will pay the 6 dollars for the album, but anybody who has enjoyed just a couple of your songs will probably opt not to get the album. Lets say they have 1000 fans who will pay the $6, and 10,000 who will only opt for the free six songs. If the album were 3 dollars, maybe 3000 more people would buy the whole album. I'm very interested to see how this pans out. I think they just let some money slip away from them.
To donate and download the album go here:
Steve Smith

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