Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Knowing Your Audience....

It was stated Monday, November 30, 2009 that since the sexually charged performance by Adam Lambert at the American Music Awards, Walt Disney Company which owns ABC-TV will now screen all live broadcasts of performers. This aggressively pansexual performance of the title track from his major-label debut, For Your Entertainment  made big headlines. In addition to drawing more than 1,500 complaints from viewers who took issue with the man-on-man kissing, girl dragging and S&M play, Lambert’s award-show coming out party lost him at least one gig when ABC's "Good Morning America" announced Tuesday (November 24) that it had canceled due to the controversy kicked up by the AMAs.

Disney/ABC Television Group President Anne Sweeney told Reuters that in reaction to the Lambert performance, Disney was reviewing the steps it takes to vet live performances by getting assurances from artists that their stage shows will resemble their rehearsals, and using contractual obligations to hold them to that. "We certainly don't want to suppress artistry at any level, but we also have to be very cognizant of who our audience is," Sweeney said at the Reuters Media Summit on Monday.

Lambert’s response to this new set of rules for live performances is that he feels as though there is a double standard when it comes to risqué performances by men and women in music, said he felt no need to apologize for his AMA debut.


~Rachel August Millas

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  1. i didnt see it....is there footage of his performance?
    was it really that bad?

    and maybe parents shouldnt let their kids watch anything but disney if theyre worried about what they see. haha so that everyone else doesnt have to be punished for it. parents should get use to the fact that cable is not what it use to be anymore, and you see things.