Sunday, December 6, 2009

As Labels Struggle, Is Artist Income On The Rise?

This article has valid points that most in the music industry are already aware of... but they still important to consider. Clearly, with digital downloads on the rise, CD sales have lowered, and the industry has recreated itself. Artists and labels have both adapted to the demand of digital music, and have been working on staying successful, especially with music being exposed to download illegally without purchase. But, it is important to remember there is still money to be made. Live performances and touring bring in the money, and with do-it-yourself marketing and promotion on the rise it cuts out many of the middle men. There are many bands out there that have a good local and even global following, and have achieved that without the label giving them large sums of money for marketing and promoting their performances, or even the band themselves.

With the knowledge and new technology available today, many bands and musicians have been able to make a name for themselves on their own. The article points out that there is a good possibility that mid-level artists income may increase... and although there will always be those few stars that take the spot light... at least these other musicians are still getting their chance at making music and making money. With all the negativity going on through the music industry through the past few years, it's nice to know that these musicians are taking advantage of what's in front of them, and even though they might not be attached to a big label and have a platinum record on the wall, they can still perform their music, please their fans, and make some money at the same time.

--Lyndsie Klott

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