Friday, May 14, 2010

will Recovery be a resurrection?

this post is going to be my first post of ten or so because being the basket case that I am, I forgot to do these all semester......... way to go SC.
here we go. :)

For the past few years it seems like Eminem and Jay-Z have fallen off the map. Anyone remember when Jay-Z "retired" from music, but not to long ago released his newest record, "The Blueprint 3" which got massive radio play with Empire State of Mind and Onto the Next One.

Everywhere I turned there was some poster of Jay-Z or someone talking about the new record, but he never toured for the record and after a while, the buzz died. So now, Jay-Z is teaming up with Eminem to bring "The Blueprint 3" back to live and promote Eminem's newest record "Recovery". HOW? you ask...? By playing sold out shows at the two rapper's hometown major league baseball fields. Yankee Stadium on September 13 and Comerica Park on September 2.
This will be the first ever, full concert at the new Yankee Stadium.

Both artists are hoping that these shows start their summers with a bang! Both will be spending the summer playing major festivals in the states and overseas. So, what do you guys think? Will these shows be enough to resurrect Em's career and boost Jay-Z's already over the top persona?

We'll see.


-Samantha Corrie Schulman

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