Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One last post about EMI (because this is my last post)

After posting about EMI all year, it only seemed fitting to do a closing post on EMI.

2009-2010 was a rough time for EMI despite it's "winning streak" of hits. They have a massive debt to pay Citibank and merger or bankruptsy have seemed to be more likely than EMI paying it back.

Fortunatly for EMI, they got some investers in the nick of time and bought themselves another year. Are they out of the woods? Not a chance, these guys live in the woods at this point. Now the question is, who is most likely going to buy EMI? Fingers are pointing to Warner Music CEO Edgar Bronfman Jr. as the most likely candidate, but rumor is, he is going to wait until the price comes down a little further. Perhaps until they are about to go bankrupt next year? For more, read on hypebot.

- Ian Gollahon


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