Friday, May 14, 2010

State Farm helps out OK GO!

Does anyone remember OK GO before the "Here It Goes Again" video? no? anyone...anyone.....? yeah, I didn't think so. OK GO is one of those bands that got their success based on a simple video, the song was mediocre, but the artistry was what made their name huge, huge enough for Columbia to spend half the manifest budget two years ago to have them perform. Once again, OK GO is making waves virally with their newest release "This Too Shall Pass." Releasing a clip in January that had no embedding code, bloggers apparently lost their minds, (I didn't read any, but I mean, it very well could of happened.)

Anyway, for the release of "This Too Shall Pass" OK GO teamed up with State Farm Insurance to fund the project and just seconds into the video State Farm's logo is shown.

The video is incredibly well done and can be seen on the band's youtube account.
Not only does OK GO once again prove that they are easily the best marketed band in the top 40, but the video speaks for itself.

-Samantha Corrie Schulman

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