Friday, May 7, 2010

Has Apple gone rotten?

Many of us are children of the indie rock movement (don’t care if you don’t want to be labeled that, your fondness of that one non-indie thing is not going to keep me or anyone else from stereotyping you). Our niche identifies with a sort of anti-consumerism or counter-consumerism that is probably just sub-consumerism. I mean of course, that we don’t like to eat at McDonalds or shop at Wal-Mart because, when it comes down to it, we are just too indie-rock. A candy bar (or more likely some vintage candy that you eat ironically) is probably not any healthier or less chemically then a side of McDonald's fries, but many of us would take the candy bar just out of principle (that and McDonald's smells like a toxic waste dump). For better or worse, most anyone who owns an Animal Collective CD has a sort of consumer conscious that we tend to take more seriously than mainstream culture.

That said, we come to my point – Apple. When ABC has a story “Has Apple Lost it’s Cool?” the answer (for me) is undoubtedly yes. As briefly discussed in the video, Apple can be a bully when it comes to market share. They’ve shown us that they aren’t afraid to sue everyone or illegally raid your house for the iPhone 4G. In fact, they are starting to make Microsoft look like a softy. Have we all forgotten we didn’t want Microsoft to be anti-competitive? Why are there no Apple anti-trust cases? In my opinion, it’s because they slap the words green and sexy on everything they do. Apple: green and sexy. Bill Gates: bad. Ever heard of marketing? Ever think your just buying the image Apple is selling?

Although I think this video is overwhelmingly bias on Apple’s side (I mean they interview a guy that has Apple tattooed on his forehead with a MacBook), at least the video gives us a foreshadowing of the Apple backlash on its way. For me, it’s already here.

Stay tuned for the next ABC special – “Has MySpace lost it’s awesome?” Really ABC?

- Ian Gollahon

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