Monday, May 3, 2010

Buy a Ticket, Get an Album

Tom Petty has announced that for every ticket purchased for his upcoming tour, he will be giving away his first new album in five years free of charge. Once you buy the ticket, you will get two tracks to download right then, and then later, when the album is released in June, you will get a free download of the entire album plus some bonus live tracks from the tour.

This is being provided by Live Nation, who said that with the merge with Ticketmaster, they would like to be able to do more cross promotion like this.

This makes sense to reel in some excited fans and make them even more excited by the fact that this new album (the first in five years) is being handed to them on top of their ticket to see Tom Petty live. Plus, with fewer people interested in buying music, but many still interested in concerts, it seems like a good idea and a fair trade.

But it is Tom Petty. And his concert tickets probably don't cost $15. So, I'd say this is a loss that Tom Petty can take. I still think it may be a good idea for bands to do, even if it is just a few free songs, because that can make the difference between a fan buying a ticket and not buying one. If you add a little extra, it definitely makes it more appealing.

--Ashley Snider


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